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Rostfri wire med plastöverdrag. Wiren är 4mm, ytterdiameter inklusive plast 6mm. 

Ej för havskappsegling, se nedan (texten kommer från http://www.rorc.org/downloads/images/offshore-special-regulations/all.html): 
3.14.6 Lifeline Minimum Diameters, Required Materials, Specifications 
a) ISAF OSR 3.14.6 a) has been deleted and replaced with the RORC prescription: Lifelines shall be of stranded stainless steel wire. **
b) The minimum diameter is specified in table 8 below. **
c) Stainless steel lifelines shall be uncoated and used without close-fitting sleeving, however, temporary sleeving may be fitted provided it is regularly removed for inspection. **
d) When stainless wire is used, Grade 316 is recommended. **
e) RORC prescription to ISAF OSR: 3.14.6 e) has been deleted, removing the reference to HMPE (Dyneema®/Spectra®) 
f) A taut lanyard of synthetic rope may be used to secure lifelines provided the gap it closes does not exceed 100 mm (4 in). This lanyard shall be replaced annually at a minimum. **
g) All wire, fittings, anchorage points, fixtures and lanyards shall comprise a lifeline enclosure system which has at all points at least the breaking strength of the required lifeline wire. **

TABLE 8 ** 
under 8.5 m (28ft)  3 mm (1/8 in)
8.5m - 13 m  4 mm (5/32 in)
over 13 m (43 ft)  5 mm (3/16 in)